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Trabant Pics

Pictures of Trabants from around the world. Click on the thumbnail to see the full size image:

A few unusual Trabants we've sighted in Germany.


Trabant mural on a remaining section of the Berlin Wall at the East-Side gallery in Berlin, Germany. The back end is on a piece of the wall near the Daimler-Chrysler building in Berlin. These were painted by Birgit Kinder in 1989.

    B7154.jpg (22965 bytes)  B7155.jpg (23236 bytes)

Several Trabant Brochure covers.

Wm6130.jpg (78527 bytes)  Wm6130c.jpg (84498 bytes)  Wm6130e.jpg (51496 bytes)  Wm6130g.jpg (51371 bytes)

More brochures.

Wm6131.jpg (22260 bytes)  Wm6131a.jpg (35818 bytes)  Wm6132.jpg (26112 bytes)  

Yet more brochures

A cut away diagram showing the simplicity of the Trabant

A very frozen Trabant

The U2 Zootopia Trabants:

Trabants during U2's Zootopia tour


A few of the U2 Trabants now.

15_1.jpg (20715 bytes)  23_1.jpg (23444 bytes)  45_1.jpg (22442 bytes)

The SHOC Auto Trabant owned by Daniel Polak in front of the Chicago skyline.

KZsolti_campona_03.jpg (46812 bytes)

They raced Trabants in Europe.

TRABANTBW-REAR.jpg (20176 bytes)

A famous photo from Germany just after the wall came down.

trabant-limo.jpg (36373 bytes)

A Trabant stretch limo.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some of these pictures were found on the internet and sent to me. If they belong to you, please email me and I will give you proper credit or remove the photo. I do not wish to claim credit where it isn't due.

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