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While we're striving to be your one stop Trabant  and specialty auto site, you might want to know what other sites there might be on the web.


General Automotive sites:

Mods and Rods car show - A charity car show.


Driving Fast in Minnesota:

Big Sturgeon Ice Invitational - This is what car crazy Minnesotans do in the winter, they race cars on frozen lakes.

Minnesota Autosports Club - Autocrossing in Minnesota, where you will find us on many a weekend.


Trabant sites in English:

SHOC Auto's Trabant site - Our very own Trabant website with all kinds of useful, and not so useful information about the classic Trabi.

The August Horch Museum - Unfortunately not in English, but this is the official site for the August Horch Museum in Zwickau, Germany. The museum moved into it's new home in September 2004.

Sachsenring Trabant - A good history and development of the Trabant and it's offshoots lots of good pictures here.

The UK Wartburg Trabant & IFA Link Site - A site from the UK with lot's of links and other info on several IFA cars including the Trabant.

Trabant USA - Think you're the only person in the country with a Trabant, think again. This is an owners site , with evidence of at least 14 Trabants that SHOC didn't import into the U.S.  - What do Trabant owners think about there cars?
Autosoviet -A site about Soviet cars with a section on Trabants.

Autosoviet Trabant Games - This should entertain the biggest Trabi nut for a long time, it's Trabant themed games. Some downloadable, some played over the internet. 

Michael Benndorf's Trabant site - The story of one man's Trabant in Belgium.

McLellans Automotive - Ton's of original Trabant sales literature to go with your new Trabant.
Wright Patterson Air Force Base - A Trabant in the United States Air Force museum?
Scooter Garage Pro Street Trabant - A pro street Trabant drag car. Honest, it is.
The Trabant trusty and true - A Trabant story from Hungary.
Trabant Fotogalerie - LOTS of photos of an old red universal. This site isn't English, but it's all pictures.
Melbourne City Trabant - A mostly not  serious site about Trabants from Australia.

KTUD Trabant page - A brief history of the Trabant. 


U2 Trabant sites:

Willie Williams Live Entertainment Design - Rock and Roll Hall of Fame U2 Trabant display.

@U2 Hall of Fame Exhibit  Another  Rock and Roll Hall of Fame U2 display site.

U2 Trabant - A U2 Trabant in the Hard Rock Cafe in Berlin. Music Collectibles - A U2 Trabant for sale! It's probably not U.S. Street legal.


Minicar and Microcar sites:

The Bubbledrome - A microcar and minicar site.

The Arcane Car Society - In their words: "A group of people who appreciate and admire unique, small automobiles."

The Microcar & Minicar Club - A club dedicated to microcars.


Miscellaneous Sites:

Speakeasy Pens - This site belongs to a friend who makes and sells custom pens, pencils, and other items.


Please report any broken links to us at.

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